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Let’s Go Back in Time West Seattle Bridge 1981

In 1981 the interest rate was 25%. There was little work and the work contractors got was low margin. Kiewit was awarded the 90 million dollar West Seattle Bridge Project. The massive project included two travelers bridge. Mike Phelps was the Superintendent on Pier 6 which was the first traveler. Mike called on Northwest to help in a placing system for the traveler which was 200 feet off the ground. Before placing booms were in the United States Northwest took a Thompsen 875 off the truck mounted it on two steel beams with axles. Placed it 200 feet up on the traveler and placed 12,700 yards of concrete through the machine used as a placing boom with wheels.

Mike went on to become a member of the Board Of Directors of the Kiewit Companies. We firmly believe it was because of his insight into using Northwest for his placing  suppliers way back in 1981.